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All testing and analysis done in accordance with applicable test specifications and accepted engineering methods

Offering services of Professional Engineers, Registered Professional Geologists, graduate engineers and geologists, experienced laboratory technicians, and qualified geotechnical field inspectors.


  • Soil Test Boring

  • Rock Coring

  • Earthwork Verification and Documentation 

  • Compaction control Percolation/Infiltration Tests

  • Footing Inspections

  • Pile Installation Documentation or Inspection

  • Pile Load Tests



  • Soil Classification and Testing 

  • Geological Evaluation and Sample


  • Evaluation of Test Data

  • Site Evaluation for Development Potential

  • Founding Options and Foundation Recommendations

  • Earthwork Procedures and Specification format

  • Material suitability for Engineering Purposes

  • Slope Stability Settlement analysis

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